Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm combining Kaylee & Andy's blogs! I know I haven't posted much in the past month or so -- the holidays are always too crazy with so much going on! I also realized I usually just post the same thing to both blogs, with maybe a couple different photos or slightly different text. So to make it easier for me, as well as to have just one blog to keep track of for readers (the 2 there are?? :) ), I've combined the blogs and have them at a new address - so please bookmark this for future posts!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Kaylee's Thanksgiving Feast at preschool was a week before Thanksgiving. She knew Andy and I would be there, but was surprised that Jamie, Poppy (Dan) & Baba (Barb) came as well. The kids sang a couple songs ("I'm Glad I'm Not a Turkey on Thanksgiving Day" and "Hello, Mr. Turkey") and said a prayer, then we ate and hurried out to let the next round of Feasters gather.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Here are some photos we did a couple weeks ago with Denise Crull Photography. Andy was not doling out the big smiles - I think he has another tooth (or two?) coming in on the bottom and he's had a runny nose - and Kaylee was not being too cooperative, either. And of course the day we met for the photos was the worst runny-nose day Andy had! But here are the pics...

The following photos I took when Kaylee was having a good hair day a couple days ago. :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Kaylee had such a fun Halloween! She picked out who she wanted to be at least 2 months ago and never wavered in her choice. She was Kiki from The Fresh Beat Band. She also says she wants to have a FBB birthday party, so we'll see if she changes her mind in the next 4 months.

Here's our little Kiki before and after her transformation, and some FBB/Kiki pics:

I wasn't sure which costume Andy would wear, so I tried all 3 on him and took photos while Kaylee was at school one day. When I showed her the photos later, I started with the one of the monkey where you can't see Andy's face. She said, "is that a real monkey on our porch?!?" Then I showed her the one showing Andy's face and she thought it was so funny that he looked like a real monkey crawling around. :)

The photo below of Kaylee and Andy with the pumpkins is from earlier in the day and the one of all of us is just before heading out to trick or treat.

Halloween weekend, we went to our neighborhood fall festival. Kaylee had fun in the huge bouncy there, and also loading up on sugar! She got a cute black cat face painting and a balloon sword (she'd been wanting one for a while after having seen some kids with one a couple months ago). She also thought the spider cookies that someone brought were very funny!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cumming Greek Fest

While Jamie stayed home with Andy, Kaylee and I went with some friends to the local Greek Festival. We didn't stay long - just long enough for the girls to jump in a bouncy house and go down a bouncy slide a few times, plus have dinner. Here's a cute photo of the 3 girls we took! Kaylee, Ellie & Delaney

Pumpkin Farm

We took Kaylee, Andy & a friend (Erin) to Kinsey Family Farm on Saturday. We took pictures (obviously), tried to feed the catfish, but I guess they were stuffed (we could see some swimming just below the surface, but none came up to eat), tried to feed the goats and cows, but they didn't want the crackers (there were plenty lying on the ground by their feet), though they would munch on an apple we offered and picked out pumpkins!

We bought 7 pumpkins and an apple gourd (like the green "pumpkin" on the haystacks behind/above the kids in the first photos) that are currently sitting on our front steps (5 of the pumpkins are the tiny ones, so we didn't really go way overboard).

Kaylee has two identical pairs of shoes. I didn't realize until we'd been at the farm about an hour that she was wearing the two left ones! It didn't seem to bother her, at least.